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Everybody's Gym
A Gym for Everybody

We have programs for all fitness levels

Welcome to our Gym

Everybody’s Gym has been open and serving the valley since 2005. New owners Kelly and Megan took over on May 1st 2021. We are a 24/7 access facility. We have everything you need to get a full body workout! Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, squat racks, a deadlift pad with bumper plates, strength machines for every body part, a cable machine, a smith machine. We have a great lay down tanning bed to really make your muscles pop. We also have a room dedicated to boxing/mma training!

A View of the Gym

We have everything you need to hit every muscle group from every angle. Dumbbells, barbells, strength machines and cardio. Get some tanning in afterwards to really make those muscles pop. Want to work out early morning? In the middle of the night? No problem. Every member gets 24/7 access.

About the Owners

kelly and megan

Meet Kelly and Megan Nault, Gym Owners

Kelly has been living in Drumheller since 2007, Megan since she was 2 years old! Fitness has been something we’ve both been interested in for all of our lives, starting with various sports growing up and now bodybuilding as adults. We both work full time at other jobs but when we heard the gym was going to be closing we decided to jump at the opportunity to own our own gym on the side! We thought it was important to keep the business going and also have it be owned locally. Being able to provide an outlet for physical and mental health to the community we live in makes us extremely happy. Megan is currently studying to be a personal trainer as well.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is always to provide a great facility to train at an affordable price, and to treat our members well. We try to get to know all of our members, we like to think of our gym as a large family! We also try to make it a very welcoming place for people new to gyms, we know it can be intimidating for first timers! It truly is everybody’s gym, a gym for every body!

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What we Offer

Gym Memberships


Training Services

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Come visit us!

Contact us on instagram or facebook to arrange an appointment if you cannot make it during our regular hours.


Drop In – $10 + GST
1 Month – $50.00 plus GST
3 Months – $144.00 plus GST
6 Months – $270.00 plus GST
1 Year – $480.00 plus GST

All memberships include 24/7 access

Payable monthly by pre-authorized debit


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drop us a line

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Tanning Minutes

Drop In $1.00/minute
50 Minutes $40
100 Minutes $65
300 Minutes $135
500 Minutes $175

Minutes Never Expire!

GST Not Included


One to one training:

$35/session/4 for $120

Workout Program with videos


One Time Meal Plan


Workout Program with Macro Education and Meal Plan


Lifestyle coaching with weekly